Quality, Style and Service...

Staffing Service
Every Peak's Party Staffing Service professional is highly trained, well groomed and well mannered. Their service is crisp and unobtrusive, yet remarkably personable. 
Personal Chef Services
Peak's Party Staffing Service will make entertaining at home easy and delicious. Our talented chef will work with you to create a menu and setting that reflect your taste and sensibility. 

Treat yourself to the luxury of being completely taken care of. Our personal chef services includes menu planning, preparation, full service and clean-up.

We know that every event is one of a kind and that attending to your needs is a performance art.

Event Planning
We understand that the art of an event is the craft of blending food, venue, presentation and service seamlessly.

A Peak's Party Service event is part art and part operational excellence. We set high expectations and strive to exceed them.

From decor and presentation to the menu itself our expertise will allow you to create an experience with originality, style and precision.